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Dell laptop battery life
  Here are a few suggestions on how to increase your Dell laptop battery life.  
If you want to increase your Dell laptop battery life, you may want to consider these tips.  First, before you even buy a laptop you will want to choose one that suits your needs.  Dell laptop battery life depends heavily on the MAH ratings.  The higher the MAH rating the longer your battery will last and the more cells it has.  If you remove your battery, you can find this MAH rating imprinted on the battery itself.  Now that you know what the MAH rating is we can ascertain on how to make the life of your battery survive longer.  Depending on your operating system, all laptops have a power saving feature.  This feature will allow you to decrease the LCD brightness.  LCD with higher brightness will consume more battery life, by decreasing this feature you will save a lot of energy.  Secondly, keep your laptop away from high heat.  Don't leave your laptop inside your car where high heat is present.  Heat is a major factor that can cause damage to not only your battery, but also the notebook itself.  Another way to increase Dell laptop battery life is to not charge it as often.  Even though ac adapters have a built in overcharging safety feature, it does not mean your battery is safe when the adapter is never removed.  It is a good idea to fully charge your battery, and remove the adapter.  Use the battery until it is running low and connect the ac adapter to charge it again.  Why you may ask?  Simply put, an ac adapter that is continuously connected generates heat within the connector node.  This heat is transmitted into the laptop and the battery feels the effects.  Again, heat is your laptop's worst enemy.  Keep your charging nodes clean and the battery away from water.  Yes, it sounds easy but liquid spills happen more often than you think.  Take care of your laptop and it will take care of you when you need it the most. 

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