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  Dell Laptop Keyboard Locked-How to Troubleshoot Easily  

Some Dell laptops, as well as other brand names, tend to experience problems on daily basis. There are problems that you can work on your own while there are those that require professional assistance. Keyboard problems can be annoying; hence it is always important to troubleshoot them before they cause major damage to your laptop or affect your day to day operations. There are many problems that affect laptops, but one problem that causes diverse problems and complications is when the keyboard is locked and you are not able to perform any task with the keyboard.

In most cases when the Dell laptop keyboard is locked, nothing works. One problem that may lock your computer's keyboard is insufficient memory. If your laptop has lot of viruses and frozen programs this can also pose a threat to your keyboard. If you accidentally combine the keys on your dell laptop, you may also lock the keyboard without knowing. Unlocking your dell laptop keyboard can be a simple and easy task to tackle but it can also be challenging and daunting if you don’t understand the troubleshooting procedure that should be employed.

To begin with, if you find out that the keyboard of your laptop does not respond to any command then it is most likely locked. This means that the signals that are generated by the keyboard whenever you press a key are not reaching the main computer operating system. The unlocking process is very simple and it is as follows:

• Firstly, you should make sure that the Number Lock or the Function Lock keys on your laptop are not lit because this can lock some functions of the keyboard. If they are lit, you should turn them off.

• You should save all open programs using the mouse. Then you can use the mouse to restart the laptop if the computer is not frozen. If this fails, you can turn the laptop off manually. Therefore, if the problem was lack of memory the keyboard may unlock automatically.

• If this does not help, you can shut down your dell laptop using the mouse or power button, but try to avoid restarting the laptop. Alternatively, you can unplug the dell laptop from it's power sources which are the battery and ac adapter.

• You can also try unlocking the keyboard by removing the battery, ac adapter and memory modules.  Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds.  Install the memory modules and ac adapter and turn on the laptop.

• Lastly, if you find out that the Dell laptop keyboard is still locked, you can also try disconnecting the keyboard. Restart the laptop and immediately reconnect the keyboard after the system's boot sequence is initiated. The operating system will recognize and reinstall the keyboard should be unlocked successfully. If the problem continues, you will have to solicit a professional to accurately diagnose the problem.  You may be required to replace the keyboard or, in rare cases, the entire motherboard.

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