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laptop screen goes white
  What to Do When Dell Laptop Screen Goes White

Having to deal with Dell laptop screen goes white is one of the most disappointing problems that every laptop user can experience. More often than not, a white laptop screen signifies that there is a serious problem with its hardware and every user knows that there is no simple solution that currently exists. Even diagnosing this issue needs advanced technology and computer knowledge, and this is where a reliable computer technician comes into the picture.

There are a number of reasons why your Dell laptop screen goes white. But knowing that there are dependable people to whom you can turn to who know the solutions to these problems makes it easier to deal with these issues. With the availability of several laptop brands in the market today, there are specific causes of a white screen which vary from one laptop to another. For most brands like Dell, some of the reasons why screen goes white could be a defective LCD screen, a defective motherboard, or a loose connection between the LCD screen and the video. There is also a possibility that the screen itself contains a defect which is not easy to identify especially if you are not really the type of person who is tech savvy.

But even though you do not have advanced knowledge about computers, knowing the basic troubleshooting techniques might help you identify that there is really a problem with your screen. During its first time occurrence, you can diagnose the white screen problem by opening up your laptop display case for you to determine if there is a loose video connection at the back of the LCD screen. You can try to reconnect the video cable and if there are no other problems that exist, reconnecting it should be able to resolve the issue. But if for some reason that this action won't fix the problem, that means that the issue could be with the screen or the motherboard itself.

In order to determine if the cause of your Dell laptop screen goes white has something to do with the motherboard, you need to test out a different and working LCD with your laptop. This procedure requires you to connect the inverter board with the video cable for you to conduct an LCD test. If this test works out with the motherboard, it indicates that you might need to replace your laptop's screen because if not, your motherboard needs to be replaced because there's no other way to replace integrated graphics card on a motherboard.

If you are not comfortable doing the above procedures or you don't really have an idea what causes your Dell laptop screen goes white, it is best to seek help from someone that you can trust. Be mindful though that the manufacturer's warranty may be void should you decide to take apart the LCD screen. Make sure that you are dealing with an expert to guarantee that your problem will be fixed and to prevent more serious problems from happening for entrusting your laptop with unreliable hands.

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